About This Blog

Everyone has at least one good story to tell.  A time, a place, a feeling, a thought, an idea that lights them up and excites them.  This blog is my story.  Some of the stories here are real, some of them are fiction, some of these stories aim to guide and teach.

My beliefs about personal growth

A common misunderstanding about self awareness is that there is only one way to encourage it and that is to sit in silence or to run around in nature like a wild child.  Hippie, granola, new age, zen master, etc are stereotypes.  There’s no right way or wrong way to master the self.  There isn’t one way to grow and discover the self.  Not everyone gets a kick from meditating or sitting in silence.  Some folks need a spark, a flame to light them up.  They feel whole and completely present when they’re on stage or when they’re sky diving.  They need action.  People often forget that silence stimulates just as much as action.  They are, after all, opposite ends of the same pole.


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Dear Rachel,

    First of all, I want to congratulate you on the onset of your blog that is filled with positivity of life and insurmountable energy originating from it.

    Rachel’s message “Live Free” is all about finding the connection with oneself where people are truly in tune with their inner voices; the inner voices that whispers you to let the guard down and be vulnerable to make the connection not only with oneself but with others.

    It may sound cliché or so simple to recognize the vulnerability of oneself but it’s painstakingly challenging to embrace the vulnerability, turn it into the positivity of life, and finally break oneself free from the constraints we set for ourselves or hard shell we wear day in and out.

    My friend is embarking on a journey that not many people dare to go down. It’s the road untraveled, and the fear of being vulnerable stops us from digging deep into a true color of our identities. The fact that we often lie to ourselves when it comes to sensitive issues clearly shows that how difficult it is to live with a true color and find that inner voice.

    I have a good feeling that I may find the connection through the words of Rachel and her positive outlook for life. As a fan and one of her best friends, I am so happy to see her insightful ideas come to life, and hope that this blog’d be the place where people let go of all the inhibitions and speak from the inner, peaceful, and positive voices of their soul.

    With Love,

    Jae Hyun, Kim

  2. Thanks Jason! You summarized it beautifully. When you are able to listen to your inner self – to hear YOUR truth, you will be able to break away from all restraints and live a FREE, tranquil, and peaceful life. Finding meaning within ourselves allows us to transform and grow into the person we want to be.

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