Don’t Push For Change, Just Notice It


Happy Weekend! Here’s a little motivation for your Saturday morning. I’m reading this book called The $100 Startup and came across this great quote by Maya Angelou.

A lot of times we’re not looking for the right path to open and don’t know how certain situations in our lives will play out. But there are times when we’re pushed to the edge by the need for change. And being on that edge puts the bulldozer directly in our path. And weather it opens expectedly or unexpectedly just needing that change allows those doors to open.

Sometimes you don’t need to encourage change. Sometimes change encourages you. And on those days be grateful that you have a strong mind that is capable of carrying a bulldozer.

Today, don’t focus on making your mind stronger or making room for that bulldozer.. Just make sure to notice things that spark change in your life.


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