Demystifying The Myan Calendar & The End of The World

Contrary to popular belief the end of the Mayan Calendar is not the end of the world!!  It’s a re-birth and an emergence of a new form of consciousness.  Here’s what you need to know:

The Maya had two basic calendars:  The Tzolkin which was used for every day events and the Long Count Calendar, which was created to understand the cycles of evolution.  We’re going to focus on the Long Count today.  But before we dive in, I’m going to tell you something incredible.  This calendar has predicted major historic events, documented the speeding up of time and left philosophers and scholars wondering whether our idea of time will change after the year 2012.

In order to understand this in greater detail, we have to do some math… I know what you’re thinking.  Just bear with me and try to follow.  This calendar begins in the year 17.3 Billion BC and ends on December 21, 2012.  It is divided into nine time periods which are generated by factors of 20.  We are currently in the ninth and final underworld, which is 260 days long and ends on – you guessed it – December 21, 2012!  If you multiply backwards by 20, you’ll find that the eighth underworld was 13.5 years long.  Multiply 13.5 by 20 and you get 270 years, the duration of the seventh underworld.  The following description is taken from Barbara Hand Clow’s The Mayan Code, a great read for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the workings of the calendar and the meaning of time acceleration.

1st Underworld) 17.3 Billion BC: The Evolution of the Cellular Universe (The Big Bang, stars, galaxies form, etc)
2nd Underworld) 866.1 Million BC: Mammalian Consciousness (Monkeys, Lemurs, ability to walk upright)
3rd Underworld) 43.3 Million BC: Familial Consciousness (Homo Sapiens)
4th Underworld) 2.2 Million BC: Tribal Consciousness (Humans begin to make complex tools and begin to talk)
5th Underworld) 106,061 BC: Regional Consciousness (trading,agriculture, agriculture, organized religions form)
6th Underworld) 3401 BC: National Consciousness (Written language, science, fine art, historical religions)
7th Underworld) 1743: Planetary Consciousness (Materialism, Industrialism, Democracy..)
8th Underworld) 1999: Galactic Consciousness (Transcending the material framework of life)
9th Underworld) 2012: Universal Consciousness (No limiting thoughts, timelessness.)
**In The Mayan Code Barbara Hand Clow delves more deeply in to the history and events that take place during each underworld.

As the calendar progress these time periods shorten and speed up.  Another thing to point out is that all nine underworlds culminate at the same time, meaning that they’re all going on at once and they all end on the same date –  December 21st 2012.  Could this be the end of cyclical time?  Perhaps it’s the beginning of a new world consciousness?

After this, each time period is further broken down into seven days and six nights.   Because six plus seven is 13 – these periods are called The Thirteen Heavens (Heavens because each day or night is ruled by a god or goddess – but I won’t get in that now).  According to Barbara Hand Clow, “the first six numbers are the creation and building up of an issue, the seventh is a creative explosion and the last six add complexity that results in new creation.”  We are currently in the seventh and last day of Universal Underworld.

So now, you’re caught up!  This Mayan Calendar business is no longer a mystery to you and you’re not running to hide under a rock for fear that world is coming to and end!  If your mind is blown right now, like mine was when I first learned about this, pick up Barbara’s book here.

The Mayan’s offer us a new way to look at our world and the consciousness we create around it.  We are emerging into a new way of thinking, a new way of seeing, a new way of being.  We are coming into a world that is free of constructs where we can finally learn to think with our hearts.  When we realize that we are an active part of creation, the universe opens up to us and allows us to be free!

**Note:  Barabara Hand Clow’s book is based off of Johan Calleman’s The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness


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