Monday Musing: A Slice of Life


Your heart’s pumping and nerves catch flight.  Your voice breaks into a million pieces and is screaming at you.  The sounds of your own fury.  You want to stop it but your heart begins to race and the faster you run after it the harder it beats.  There’s no point in turning back now.  You must keep going.  You must keep reaching.  The living don’t want it and the dead can’t seem to get enough of it.  It’s life calling at your door step and the only person at home is you.  At that moment, it’s hard not to want to curl up into a ball and cry.  Life isn’t always your friend.  Sure, it can seem nice and friendly but if you’re not firmly planted on the ground, it’ll get you.  It can feel like you’re stuck in the wild with no where left to run or hide.  You have to survive.  There aren’t many choices and the ones available aren’t pleasing.  “WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO ME?,” you scream.  “Who else should it happen to, if not you,” responds life.  “But why does it have to be so hard?,” you whimper.  That’s life playing tricks with you again.  You want to break free but you can’t seem to get out of that cycle.  And when you do seem to shake it off, it comes back again unexpectedly.  “SHIT!,” you think.  “I thought I took care of that problem already?”  History repeats itself and so do the events in your life.  You still want to crawl into that hole.  You want everything to stop.  You don’t want to think about your problems.  You just want them to be.  You wonder if they will magically go away if you let everything go.  So you decide to try it.  You decide to let go for this one moment.  For one minute to sit and be still and forget that that bad, mean, nasty, ugly, funky thing ever happened.

Let’s see how you feel after a minute of stillness.  A minute of letting it all go.  A minute of realizing that you don’t have to worry about anything.  Though you may be surrounded by endless noise, in a crowded room full of people, you let it all go.  Who are they to judge you anyway.  Then that moment comes and you can see how silly you’ve been.  It’s nice to think about the future, but if you think about it too much the pounding in your head just keeps going.  The pounding in your head doesn’t stop.  Life gets you!!  And that’s not the way you want to live.  YOU want to live LIFE.  You don’t want it to walk all over you.  For that one minute you were able to see things a little more clearly.  Clear the fog away a little better.  You’re hearts pumping a little less aggressively now and maybe the next time some big, mean, nasty, ugly, funky thing comes calling at your door you’ll recognize that it’s just a slice of life.


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