Be Fearless

There’s never a question or a doubt in the mind of a successful person.  Failure seems like a pebble in the road to success.  So how do you get to there?  How do you push aside those fears, those what if’s, those I don’t knows.  What do you do to take your mind off of them, open up your creativity and trust that you’ll get just what you need and more?  Some people wake up with a silver platter handed to them.  Others fight tooth and nail to get what they want, work hard and fearlessly to achieve their desires.  Any body can sit down and write a script, or produce a novel or tell jokes. And many people do.  But it’s the ones who fearlessly push forward that get their thoughts published and their voices heard.

There’s a book called the War of Art by Steven Pressfield about the struggle for creativity.  The idea that we all procrastinate and that’s the war of art. It says that creating art of any kind is a struggle.  But procrastination bites us in the ass every day and there’s only one way to get over it – keep pushing!  There are things that you may fear, there are things that you may not want to look at, things you’re afraid to face because of rejection, because it may hurt.  But what hurts more is wondering what could have happened.  What if I had just…..those are words I never want to hear myself saying.  If you don’t talk about what you’re doing.  If you don’t open your mouth and and show your work to people, you’ll always wonder what if.  If you’re reading this and wondering “should I”?  The answer is most likely yes.  And the secret to opening up the doors to creativity?  The secret to getting passed those fears?  The only secret I know of is to keep pushing, stop asking, stop doubting, stop worrying and start doing!


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