Tissues of Consciousness, Scars of Truth

At times, it can be difficult to remember the things we hate most and easy to forget the most wonderful moments we’ve had.  As time goes by we remember what we want to remember and try to forget the painful memories.  Time passes by us and eventually the things we wish to forget either become a blur or they become deeply imprinted in our minds, like permanent scars. As thoughts and memories fade we often wish we could recall details that now seem messy and long forgotten.  People appear and reappear in our minds and to be honest they’re never exactly as they were in real life because the mind is vast and plays tricks on us sometimes. And because your perception of a person can change over time.  Someone you once thought was charming and endearing later becomes egocentric and repulsive.  Because you want to remember someone for all the right reasons and not the wrong, you forget why he or she is only a memory now.  But ever so slowly your perception of them can change.  If you let it, the relationship becomes less cloudy.  As you move forth, you slowly begin to see the truth.  You realize the accuracy instead of your own personal fantasy.  And as you do so, hopefully, you begin to understand more and more that there will be more people passing by you who will teach you how to live in truth.  Sometimes, you make a friendship that lasts forever.  Other times a friendship is short lived and it’s those short and sweet dances that show us how to grow.  If we can leave our personal anguish at the door, take our baggage and throw it out the window – what’s left is the truth of who you are and who the person sitting across from you is.  You become your own solution instead of festering a problem with in yourself.  The memories you wished you could forget will remain as tissues of consciousness but those scars that you hide in the closets of your mind become truth.  And those truths and issues that once were, those people you don’t speak to anymore can become a part of who you are instead of the remainder of a problem. Now instead of thinking positively or negatively about a person or an issue you can just let them sit within you as a part of your existence; as something that happened which changed you and made you grow in unthinkable ways.  If one day you run into that person unexpectedly you may find that those problems you had together are now gone. Time can be a great healer, if you let it. But acceptance can be even greater.


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