The Power of Surrender

The beauty of letting go. The beauty of surrender. It doesn’t mean you’re loosing out or that you’re saying farewell to your desires. It simply means that you’re allowing them to unfold as they should without imposing your control. Sometimes we try controlling situations without even realizing we’re doing it. But just having one single thought on repeat and constantly thinking about it over and over again takes your power and sense of control away. It may seem counter intuitive but being able to let go of the very thing you desire gives you greater power. Letting the pieces fall into place instead of forcing them to go where you think they belong is a greater honor to yourself and to the good of everyone else involved. You are the only person who really knows what’s best for you. When you can finally let go of control and fall into your destiny the puzzle pieces fit miraculously and seemingly without any effort on your part. Letting go of control is in fact a task in and of itself, which when mastered will most likely allow you to manifest the very thing you’ve been trying to hold onto.


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