Dare To Listen

You say you want a new life.

You say you want it all.

What about just having it for one moment, for a second, for a day.

Is that enough? Is it ever enough? What is enough?

When I get one thing, I always want something else. I’m never satisfied with the unstable junction of my mind. Trying to find new things to purchase in its virtual laboratory. Trying to find new urges to satisfy. Forgetting that what I have could be enough. And how do I stop trying to fulfill my fantasy and start fulfilling the reality?

If you sit still enough you can hear the wind blowing, the trees swaying and the animals joining together in rejoice. I can hear them. And though you say you are clouded and you hear nothing but the inner workings of your mind, below that chatter, lies stillness. ‘I’m trying to find my own stillness,’ you say. But you can’t when there’s so much noise in the background. What do you do to stop the talking, the constant coming and going. The cacophany. The stillness becomes unbareable. Although you are still you can hardly hear yourself. And then your head begins to pound. The pounding doesn’t fade.

So I’ll tell you something. Something to ease your thoughts. It’s not a secret but a universal knowledge constantly handed down to those who dare to listen. When you can stop listening to yourself and start listening to your heart, the pounding in your head, the weakness in your thoughts, the aching stillness in every move you make will fade away. You’ll be left with ease. But until you dare to listen, dare to hear the sound of the ocean, the squalking of the seagulls, smell the fresh dew of the morning – those other worlds, those other places, the real stillness will be UNreal to you.

You can find stillness in your mind, by daring to listen to your heart. You heart gives answers your mind would never be able to come up with. And when you listen to it, the pounding in your head turns into a tiny little pitter patter – a bird chirping on your window sill that perches for a moment and then flies away.


One thought on “Dare To Listen

  1. This is so beautiful described…dare to listen the voice of the soul (heart)
    it is indeed the golden bridge to cross…

    Thank you for your words filled with wisdom and compassion~


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