The Sweet Sea Part 2

“Sometimes instead of floating in the sea, I feel as if I’m barely staying adrift,”  You say to the wise man.  “I feel like I should be doing more to keep myself above the water.  But I just find myself drowning in it.  What I don’t readily realize is that if I stop flapping my arms around so much, I would be able to stay ashore.  I often wonder how I am supposed to stay floating when I’m constantly finding an obstacle on my path?”

“There are no obstacles,” said the wise man.  There is only one emotion – happiness.  And the only obstacles placed along your path are the ones you create for yourself.  Now you’re wondering how are you supposed to get out of your own way.  How to stop the worry, the pain, the fear and everything else.  The trick is NOT to stop them.  The trick is to feel them so whole heartedly that they become a part of you that you love, accept and care for.  In that caring there are no obstacles.  You care for yourself because if you don’t, no one else will.  You stay afloat as soon as you can learn to accept and care for those pieces of rock in your way.  In fact, why don’t you even stop at one and take a minutes rest.  Be easy with yourself and the sea will be easy with you.”


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