The Sweet Sea

“This isn’t what I thought it would be, said the woman. “It never is,” replied the wise man. “It’s not about what one wants. It’s what one needs. Spirit shows us where to go, much to the disregard and surprise of our minds. We think we don’t really need what we’re given or that we’re not ready for it. ‘I need something different’, we cry out! But many times it’s the unwanted or unexpected that we really need the most. These unexpected moments are what makes life wonderful. We get what we ask for, no matter what. And spirit delivers it to us i the most gentle and loving way. But our perceptions, illusions and self imposed limitations cloud our judgement and actions. Once we learn to give in to spirit and let it guide us, the issues that come up will fade. We stop trying to swim against the current because we now recognize that the sea is sweeter when we simply float in it.” With that the wise man left and walked away.


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