From Time to Time, in Love and in Life

For what it’s worth, you are always worth the while.  The time it takes for an ounce of saddness to leave.  The time it takes for you to smile.  To laugh. To dance.  To fall in love.

If life is just a handful of minutes passing by, why bother worrying about how long it will take you to accomplish goals or make those appointments or fall in love, or get married and have children.

As love and light flow through your body, you are enlivened.  You are alive and you take all that is solid and rich.  All that is earthly and grand into your soul.  All is one and you breathe it in with the air.  Sink deeper into the earth and into your own as the spiraling heavens come down to protect you.

Do and create from a place of love and as you do, your open heart will bring love.  Your feeling that time is moving faster and faster are correct.  And as it does, you will learn how to live within the earth’s core and touch the heavens with your eyes wide open.


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