Webs of Entanglements

Love the parts of yourself that feel unworthy, hurt, embarrassed, or judgmental.  When you keep focusing on the parts that hurt, they become more entangled.  They become all you can think about because you’re just blaming yourself.  It’s right to love.  It’s wrong to love.  It’s right to do this or it’s wrong to do that.  But the only person who can untangle these rights and wrongs is you.  And if you put limitations on yourself by labeling your feelings as right or wrong or good and bad, you’ll never be able to untangle that web.

The only way to release those webs of emotions and hurt feelings is to stop putting judgements on them and stop blaming yourself.  Accept any and all emotions you’re feeling and ground them in safety and love.  And above all be open to receiving.  Doing this will bring in feelings you may never know you had or ones you may be afraid to face.

But as you step away from your limitations you will start to open up to new experiences and opportunities.  Opportunities that will guide you, free of expectations and judgements.  Give in to acceptance and acceptance will show you how to untangle that web of sorrow and build a sea of love.


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