From Time to Time, in Love and in Life

For what it’s worth, you are always worth the while.  The time it takes for an ounce of saddness to leave.  The time it takes for you to smile.  To laugh. To dance.  To fall in love.

If life is just a handful of minutes passing by, why bother worrying about how long it will take you to accomplish goals or make those appointments or fall in love, or get married and have children.

As love and light flow through your body, you are enlivened.  You are alive and you take all that is solid and rich.  All that is earthly and grand into your soul.  All is one and you breathe it in with the air.  Sink deeper into the earth and into your own as the spiraling heavens come down to protect you.

Do and create from a place of love and as you do, your open heart will bring love.  Your feeling that time is moving faster and faster are correct.  And as it does, you will learn how to live within the earth’s core and touch the heavens with your eyes wide open.


Webs of Entanglements

Love the parts of yourself that feel unworthy, hurt, embarrassed, or judgmental.  When you keep focusing on the parts that hurt, they become more entangled.  They become all you can think about because you’re just blaming yourself.  It’s right to love.  It’s wrong to love.  It’s right to do this or it’s wrong to do that.  But the only person who can untangle these rights and wrongs is you.  And if you put limitations on yourself by labeling your feelings as right or wrong or good and bad, you’ll never be able to untangle that web.

The only way to release those webs of emotions and hurt feelings is to stop putting judgements on them and stop blaming yourself.  Accept any and all emotions you’re feeling and ground them in safety and love.  And above all be open to receiving.  Doing this will bring in feelings you may never know you had or ones you may be afraid to face.

But as you step away from your limitations you will start to open up to new experiences and opportunities.  Opportunities that will guide you, free of expectations and judgements.  Give in to acceptance and acceptance will show you how to untangle that web of sorrow and build a sea of love.

Perfection is in Every Moment

What would you do if your life was suddenly perfect.  If you had nothing left to say because there was nothing to say.  Not because you didn’t have the words but because you were so completely content with this present moment that there were not enough words to convey the feeling… So you sit there in equanimity with all the happiness in the world in your heart, in your head and in your hands.

Just being is enough.  Just sitting is enough.  There’s a common misconception that there is a right time, place or way to meditate.  But meditation is wherever you are, whenever you can be still, whenever you can watch your thoughts, your breath.  There is no right way and there is no wrong way.  Your way is the right way.  And the only thing you have to do is accept yourself enough to give it a try.

If you really want to feel content with where your path is leading you, find five minutes in your day to focus on yourself.  In time your practice will lead you to find that perfection is in the present moment and in every moment.  You just have to find the time to notice it.

Change The World

In faster times and in times of struggle, take in Mahatma Gandhi’s wise proverb. “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

If that change proves to be difficult remember that what you are going through at any moment will help emanate and bring about expantion in all areas of your life. Enjoy the change even though it may be challenging at times. We are constantly changing, moving, and growing. Although it may appear as though we are still, change is ever present.

When there is more movement than usual, change appears to be more difficult. But the struggle is only a misinterpretation. For change is always kind, caring and nurturing. When you sense an air of difficulty, turn the other way and bring in compassion and love to aid you. It is all you will ever need to ease the process.

Closer to the Top

To the watch tower above me, I give into you.

Surrender.  Shield no more and reflect any projections you have across the river where the other side greets them with honor and love.  Love all parts of yourself and be unafraid of allowing others to see the light that shines so bright within you.  At times that light can bring bring friends together and enemies apart because those who don’t show their light, surround themselves with ego.

When you’ve gone past operating from your ego you start to have the ability to see the world from a higher perspective where your new view brings you closer to the divine, to all, and to yourself.

No photos today – only love.