Expansion of the heart

In the coming days, as you see the stock market spinning out of control, corrupt politicians vying for your approval, daily disasters in the middle east, know that you can stay grounded and at peace.  Be guided by your own truth and let go of what doesn’t serve you any more.

Spend a day without thinking.  Spend a night peacefully dreaming.  Turn off your alarm clock and trust that your body will tell you when it’s time to get a move on.  Smile from the inside.  If the inside aches, smile harder.  For where there is love, there cannot be pain.  Fill your body with the energy of the heart.  Stop doubting your instincts for your heart and mind work together as one, not as two separate entities.  The more you think from your heart, the more you will see the dual nature of the mind and heart merge into one – like the coiled serpent.  Start using your heart to answer questions your mind is asking you.  Sit with your heart and ask it what it wants.  Are you surprised by the answer?  With each new day, go into the energy of your heart a little more, writing down it’s desires.  Take a look and see what your heart really wants in reflection to what you are giving it.  If you see the two are out of balance, perhaps it’s time to think with your heart.

I haven’t posted any photos in a while.  So in the mean time, take a look at a few out takes from past shoots.

(Above two photos depict the feminism of Jane Fonda and Bridget Bardot in the 60s)

(Gender bending and the rising approval of the LGBT community in the 2000s)

(An opposition to the complacent 1950s house wife.)


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