The 2000s

I took an androgynous approach with this decade because I wanted to capture the essence of the past 10 years culturally and through fashion.  In both aspects there has been a strong push toward the acceptance of the LGBT community and living what has previously been referred to as an alternative life style.

Ten years ago Clay Aiken was hiding behind his sexual orientation.  Last year Adam Lambert came out as if he had never intended to stay in the closet to begin with.  Ten years ago pop music was still worshiping Brittany Spears clean cut wholesome image.  This year Lady Gaga’s very candid interview with Barbra Walters in which she openly admitted to being bisexual and stated she had been intimate with both men and women barely made headlines.  There are more openly gay characters on TV then ever before, male models look less like Ashton Kutcher and more like their thin female counterparts, and the most popular day time TV talk show host is an out lesbian.  If the 70s are remembered for starting the sexual revolution, perhaps the 2000s will be remembered for starting the gay revolution.


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