1970s – Feminism throughout the 20th Century

A fundamental element of Chinese philosophy is the concept of Yin and Yang energy.  Yin is the feminine, passive, receptive.  Yang is the masculine, active, action.  We’ve all seen the symbol many times before.  In fact, when I was growing up my best friend and I used to go on pilgrimages just to find places that sold it.  We unknowingly worshiped it.  The philosophy behind Yin and Yang is simple.  It is based on the principle that seemingly opposite forces in the world are interconnected and interdependent.  An example are the opposite forces we hold in ourselves.  We all have elements in our characters, personalities and genes that are masculine and feminine.  Some people struggle with finding balance in their lives.  Perhaps in their careers or the personal lives, or even balancing the two.  What it all comes down to are these two energies.  And learning to balance them within ourselves is the key to living as one whole, instead of two halves.  This is the first photo shoot within a series based on the principle of this concept.

Beginning with the feminine, I will be going through each decade of the 20th century (not in any particular order), and creating stories based on what was considered feminine within each decade.  After finishing the feminine, I’ll do the masculine and then I’ll do combined shoots.


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