The soul searcher.  He searches for something hidden.  Grabs you when you least expect it.  He doesn’t expect you to want him back or to thank him for his presence.  He wants to give you freedom.  He frees you from the cold cloud floating behind.  On a cold night, he hovers over you like a warm blanket.  Warms your soul, frees your spirit and cloaks you in safety.

“Spirit is known through revelation.  It leads to freedom.  It leads to power.  Revelation is the conquest of death.”  –  The Ten Principal Upanishads


The Upanishads Principles 1 & 2

Self portrait

“The self is everywhere, without a body, without a shape, whole, pure, wise, all knowing, far shining, self depending, all transcending; in the eternal procession assigning to every period its proper duty.”

“The enquirer asked:  ‘what has called my mind to the hunt?  What has made my new life begin?  What wags in my tongue?  What God has opened eye and ear?

The teacher answered: “It lives in all that lives, hearing through the ear, thinking through the mind, speaking through the tongue, seeing through the eye.  The wise man clings neither to this nor that, rises out of sense, attains immortal life.” “

–The Upanishads (put into English by W.B. Yeats)  Principles 1 & 2