If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it

Sometimes we think we need to fix those things which aren’t broken. We touch, we tinker, we poke until we actually break an object that was not having any difficulties working to begin with.  Most of us do this out of nervousness or lack of patience.  We’re waiting and waiting for an answer we know will not come quickly.  And instead of stepping away and slowly moving aside from the situation we keep touching it – until it does break.

If only we would have waited, we would not have to buy a new ipod or have to fix a broken relationship.  If only….

It’s not knowing what’s going to happen – not having patience, which gets our brain turning and thinking to the point of exhaustion.  However, sometimes not knowing the outcome is the fun part.  It allows you to live each moment as it’s meant to be lived, without focusing on the future.

We stay in each moment and follow where the path leads us instead of trying to create our own path.  Not only can this fix our broken relationship(s) but it can also have a relaxing non-nervous effect on ourselves.  So today, try not to focus on the future.  Don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken just because you’re bored, nervous or both.  Just take a step back and see where the path takes you.  Your road may not turn out to be as straight as you had planned, but you’ll get to your final destination just the same.


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