Come on, Get Happy

I was watching the Golden Globes Sunday night and while the walk down the red carpet, the awards and the non stop jabs at NBC were entertaining, a feeling of uneasiness was still in the air. Amidst the Hollywood and glory thoughts of a recent disaster lurked.  While few mentioned it the earthquake that hit Haiti last week was still on most people’s mind.  Every single person who attended the ceremony wore red ribbons symbolizing the tragedy and MTV’s partnership with George Clooney, a telethon called “Hope For Haiti”, was mentioned a few times throughout.  As a tearful Meryl Streep accepted her Globe for “Julie and Julia” she commented about how difficult it was to get up and get ready for the show knowing that there is so much pain, loss and suffering going on in Haiti right now.  “I come to Golden Globes weekend and I really am honestly conflicted with how to have my happy movie self in the face of everything I’m aware of in the real world,” said Streep.  “And that’s when I have my mother’s voice coming to me saying, ‘Shoot some money to Partner’s In Health, put the dress on, put on a smile and be damned grateful that you have the dollars to help and the next day and the next day.’  And I am really really grateful.”

I watched Meryl and thought, how are we supposed to put a smile on each day knowing that there are people dying in Haiti.  How do we go on when we come across any other obstacle in our lives, weather it be the unhappy  news we see in the media, or a matter that is a bit more personal?

The answer is that  life is full of obstacles and when you can find a way to avoid or cross over all the ones that are put on your path, you can live with peace and harmony.  The grieving we receive and have in the world is due to an unbalanced heart.  Balancing your heart is about being in contact with mother nature.  She guides and nourishes you.  When you are in the presence of those who are low spirited or have negative energies, you are brought down to their level.  Finding balance requires the need to be able to have continuity with in yourself, your soul and your heart.  Balance is attained when you let the small “obstacles” in your life pass you by.  Be unfettered by the little pebbles thrown in front of you.  Instead of pebbles see them as a path lining your journey.  Find the love within yourself and be guided by your own intentions.


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