Come on, Get Happy

I was watching the Golden Globes Sunday night and while the walk down the red carpet, the awards and the non stop jabs at NBC were entertaining, a feeling of uneasiness was still in the air. Amidst the Hollywood and glory thoughts of a recent disaster lurked.  While few mentioned it the earthquake that hit Haiti last week was still on most people’s mind.  Every single person who attended the ceremony wore red ribbons symbolizing the tragedy and MTV’s partnership with George Clooney, a telethon called “Hope For Haiti”, was mentioned a few times throughout.  As a tearful Meryl Streep accepted her Globe for “Julie and Julia” she commented about how difficult it was to get up and get ready for the show knowing that there is so much pain, loss and suffering going on in Haiti right now.  “I come to Golden Globes weekend and I really am honestly conflicted with how to have my happy movie self in the face of everything I’m aware of in the real world,” said Streep.  “And that’s when I have my mother’s voice coming to me saying, ‘Shoot some money to Partner’s In Health, put the dress on, put on a smile and be damned grateful that you have the dollars to help and the next day and the next day.’  And I am really really grateful.”

I watched Meryl and thought, how are we supposed to put a smile on each day knowing that there are people dying in Haiti.  How do we go on when we come across any other obstacle in our lives, weather it be the unhappy  news we see in the media, or a matter that is a bit more personal?

The answer is that  life is full of obstacles and when you can find a way to avoid or cross over all the ones that are put on your path, you can live with peace and harmony.  The grieving we receive and have in the world is due to an unbalanced heart.  Balancing your heart is about being in contact with mother nature.  She guides and nourishes you.  When you are in the presence of those who are low spirited or have negative energies, you are brought down to their level.  Finding balance requires the need to be able to have continuity with in yourself, your soul and your heart.  Balance is attained when you let the small “obstacles” in your life pass you by.  Be unfettered by the little pebbles thrown in front of you.  Instead of pebbles see them as a path lining your journey.  Find the love within yourself and be guided by your own intentions.


Open your eyes

A wise friend recently told me that after a time of mourning or grief we often experience clarity or achievement.  When you’re faced with a situation that makes you think that all your hard work has been for nothing- that instead of moving forward you feel as if you’ve taken a step back, these are the moments we have right before a transformation is about to take place.

You’re leaving behind what you once knew and are stepping into a new way of being or thinking.  Whenever we face conflicts in our lives or want to get rid of old ways of behaving, we must be able to come to terms with that old behavior in order to move on.  Because you’re on the brink of stepping into new territory facing an old pattern or conflict can feel like you’re taking a step backwards.

In reality, it’s this last straw that pushes us forward- that makes us want to resolve our conflicts.  I recently opened a fortune cookie that read, “The bull must remember that he once was a calf.”

Just to let you know, I’m usually the type of person who reads a fortune cookie and throws it away or laughs at it.  I rarely remember any and I’ve never kept one.  But this one really made me think.  So, I held onto it.

It made me realize that there are many different stages in life and whenever we experience a “re-birth” or are going through a transformation, we’re usually confronted with old issues.  Issues that make us think of topics we thought were long past us and areas in life we  never wanted to step into again.  However, it’s these areas that allow us to learn in the most effective way possible.  They bring us to a new place by looking out an old window.  And by confronting these issues we truely put them behind us and are able to enter a new stage of life.

So, the next time you think that you’re going backwards and all your hard work has been for nothing, think again. Transformation requires a step through a new set of doors, a view through a new pair of eyes.  The eyes we open allow us to see the next step we’re supposed to take.  Each new stage in life requires a rebirth and perhaps one or two eye-openers.  Remembering what it took for us all to get to where we are is the only way to really move forward.  So, open your eyes and don’t be afraid to face what’s standing right in front of you!  Each new stage of life requires you to take a step back and start from the beginning.  When you allow yourself to open your eyes and face your conflicts head on you are taking one step closer to living a free life.

With Love,


A New Year, A Clean Slate

With the new year come new wishes, new resolutions, new projects and new promises we make to each other and to ourselves. We tell ourselves that we’ll finally loose those last 15 pounds, or we’ll finally start taking photos with that SLR camera we bought five years ago but still haven’t gotten around to using. As we make these new resolutions, time slowly passes by and we allow them to slip away. We forget about them, they become too difficult to fulfill and we give them up all together.

What happened to going for the glory, sticking to your gut, using the power within yourself to make the right choices and live the life of your dreams. There are hundreds upon hundreds of books, novels and tales written for children which teach them how to follow their dreams and embrace their power. As children, we embrace these concepts and live our lives following them freely. But when adult hood rolls around we forget the important lessons these stories have taught us. We make false new years resolutions and forget all that we were taught as kids.

We were all raised with films such as The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Harry Potter, and Twilight. The Little Mermaid taught us to follow our dreams. Aladdin taught us that we possess our greatness with in us. Harry Potter uses magic and storytelling to show us the importance of ethics in life and Twilight weighs the ideas of the choices we make in life and how these choices create our reality.

Now that a new decade is upon us, it’s important to reflect upon the past and see how we can improve our present. Take a hint from William Shakespeare who said, “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the ground we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” Be willing to let go of your past conflicts, problems, issues, or arguments and embrace the power, wisdom and knowledge you have in yourself to accomplish what you want to achieve in life. Take the lessons you’ve learned from your past or from the stories you learned from novels and films and allow them to help you transform. Use this new decade to start a new. If you don’t go for the gold yourself, nobody else is going do it for you. Take advantage of the new year and use it to live free.

With Love,