Being your own genie

How can you become your own genie and truely possess everything you desire?  Simple.  You hold the power in your heart and in your imagination.  Some call it daydreaming, others call it visualizing.  It’s really picturing the outcome of a situation in  your head and playing it over and over again.  The key is to make sure that what you’re visualizing is what you actually desire.  If you’re not careful with what you send out, you’ll attract a lot of unpleasantness. 

If you’re in a really bad relationship where you’re partner is abusing you.  Or perhaps you’ve just grown apart from him or her but can’t seem to leave the relationship, try imagining it.  Close your eyes and see yourself talking to them about it, and then packing your bags and heading out.  The images you create are your jumping off point for any given situation. 

But being your own genie, also means moving adjacent to the law of attraction.  Think of the law of attraction as another way of gift giving.  What you send out, is what you will receive.  If you’re not receiving, then you’re probably not giving as much as you should be.   The thoughts you think resonate out into the universe, and then attract back to you, in the exact same way you release them.  If you’re thinking about something you truly desire, the outcome of your situation will reflect that thought. Being your own genie is as simple as that. 

Who  needs Aladdin, now? 

With love,



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