Follow your dreams, not your neighbor’s

Sunday night I met up with a friend who lives in New York State.  She lives about 40 minutes away, give or take a few minutes.  Around the 20 minute mark, I realized that I had taken the wrong route to get to her house.  And to make a long story shot got extremely lost trying to get to her place.  I had initially thought I was on the right track, but realized halfway that I had gone in the completly wrong direction.  Instead of turning around,  I kept going and simply thought oh I’ll find my way there somehow eventually.   I was wrong.  The entire trip took me twice as long as it would have if I had turned around and started from the beginning.

Sometimes you feel as if you need to learn everything, get all the knowledge into your brain right now!  You don’t think about why you need the knowledge – you’re just focused on getting it.  After high school you have to go to college, then you have to go to grad school to get your Masters Degree and perhaps even your PhD.  Many times we choose a road without thinking about where the road is leading.  But who wrote the book that says this is the way you must live your life?  Although college does give you experience and assists you in learning, if you are not studying a career you wish to pursue when you graduate, this experience may not be worth your time.  Instead of an education, it may be an overload of useless gibberish you’ve been studying for four years.  You leave school only to realize you haven’t really found what you were looking for.

So, lets say you graduate college, get your degree and fall into the work force.  Then, some however many years later you realize that you weren’t really following your dreams.  You were following the dreams of others and doing things they wanted you to do instead of what you want for yourself.

At this point, you start to feel like it’s too late to start over, to take a step back and think about what you really want from your life instead of overloading yourself with information your brain doesn’t know where to place.

No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to stop, take some time to think, and turn around.  You control your life and have the power to form it’s outcome.  If you keep going blindly you may never get there,  no matter how much you keep thinking to yourself that you will.  You may not even know where there is until you stop and ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”

Your thoughts will remain as thoughts until you ask yourself this question.  Once you know the answer you can begin to bring these thought into action.  So, don’t be afraid to stop and ask yourself, “How do I really want to live my life?”.

When you start living the life you want, instead of living the life someone else wants for you, you can live free.

With Love,


One thought on “Follow your dreams, not your neighbor’s

  1. Rachel, the wisdom you offer is perfectly stated. I love how you incorporate your OWN life experiences into the knowledge you give to us ALL. Allowing yourself to contemplate LIFE and the journey we experience in every moment of our lives is eye opening. You are embracing YOUR power within! May your new site bring ALL that you desire.

    Jenna : )

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