Being your own genie

How can you become your own genie and truely possess everything you desire?  Simple.  You hold the power in your heart and in your imagination.  Some call it daydreaming, others call it visualizing.  It’s really picturing the outcome of a situation in  your head and playing it over and over again.  The key is to make sure that what you’re visualizing is what you actually desire.  If you’re not careful with what you send out, you’ll attract a lot of unpleasantness. 

If you’re in a really bad relationship where you’re partner is abusing you.  Or perhaps you’ve just grown apart from him or her but can’t seem to leave the relationship, try imagining it.  Close your eyes and see yourself talking to them about it, and then packing your bags and heading out.  The images you create are your jumping off point for any given situation. 

But being your own genie, also means moving adjacent to the law of attraction.  Think of the law of attraction as another way of gift giving.  What you send out, is what you will receive.  If you’re not receiving, then you’re probably not giving as much as you should be.   The thoughts you think resonate out into the universe, and then attract back to you, in the exact same way you release them.  If you’re thinking about something you truly desire, the outcome of your situation will reflect that thought. Being your own genie is as simple as that. 

Who  needs Aladdin, now? 

With love,



Your wish is my command

How many times do you see yourself saying, “I was just thinking the same thing!” 

How often do you find yourself thinking about something – a gift you want to receive, a job you want to get, etc – and see your wish, your thought being fulfilled?

How often do you find yourself thinking about a particular person only to receive a call from them or run into them a moment later?

As the Genie in Aladdin says, “Your wish is my command”.  But we’re now finding ourselves not needing a genie.  We’ve become our own genies.  Simply by thinking it, you create it.  If you imagine traveling the world luxuriously, having your dream job, being the owner of that new white porche, your mind begins to set a course of action for you so that you can obtain that desire.  Our thoughts can be so powerful that most often we don’t realize the we’ve set a course of action into motion.

Perhaps you’re visualizing your dream coming true, and thinking about it as only a dream.  So, your brain puts that piece of information into your subconscious mind.  Then, you wake up one morning and find that white porche sitting in your drive way.  Your mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/significant other/brother/sister/whatever decided to surprise you by buying you a brand new car.

You may take it for granted but think about how many times something like this has happened in your life.  You may say, “Wow! That’s such a coincidence!”  How many coincidences can you count in your life?

Whether you are aware or it or not, wheather you are a believer or not, the thoughts we think and the dreams we hold for ourselves, many times become our reality.  But with the positive thought forms, also come the  negative.  Each time you think about that dream job of yours, if your dreams are filled with negative thoughtforms and self defeat, you will see that defeat appear in your life in some way or another. 

Let’s say you’re banking on leaving your financially stable  job to pursue your dream of becoming an artist and gallery owner.  If the dreams you hold are filled with doubt, worry, and fear that you won’t succeed or that something will go terribly wrong which might prevent this dream from coming true, then it probably will. 

Our thoughts can be our ticket to fame and fortune or they can be our slow demise.  When you become aware of your thoughts, you can change the  negative ones to positive and create a productive outcome.

You can then become your own Genie and happily live free.

With Love,


Follow your dreams, not your neighbor’s

Sunday night I met up with a friend who lives in New York State.  She lives about 40 minutes away, give or take a few minutes.  Around the 20 minute mark, I realized that I had taken the wrong route to get to her house.  And to make a long story shot got extremely lost trying to get to her place.  I had initially thought I was on the right track, but realized halfway that I had gone in the completly wrong direction.  Instead of turning around,  I kept going and simply thought oh I’ll find my way there somehow eventually.   I was wrong.  The entire trip took me twice as long as it would have if I had turned around and started from the beginning.

Sometimes you feel as if you need to learn everything, get all the knowledge into your brain right now!  You don’t think about why you need the knowledge – you’re just focused on getting it.  After high school you have to go to college, then you have to go to grad school to get your Masters Degree and perhaps even your PhD.  Many times we choose a road without thinking about where the road is leading.  But who wrote the book that says this is the way you must live your life?  Although college does give you experience and assists you in learning, if you are not studying a career you wish to pursue when you graduate, this experience may not be worth your time.  Instead of an education, it may be an overload of useless gibberish you’ve been studying for four years.  You leave school only to realize you haven’t really found what you were looking for.

So, lets say you graduate college, get your degree and fall into the work force.  Then, some however many years later you realize that you weren’t really following your dreams.  You were following the dreams of others and doing things they wanted you to do instead of what you want for yourself.

At this point, you start to feel like it’s too late to start over, to take a step back and think about what you really want from your life instead of overloading yourself with information your brain doesn’t know where to place.

No matter where you are in life, it’s never too late to stop, take some time to think, and turn around.  You control your life and have the power to form it’s outcome.  If you keep going blindly you may never get there,  no matter how much you keep thinking to yourself that you will.  You may not even know where there is until you stop and ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish?”

Your thoughts will remain as thoughts until you ask yourself this question.  Once you know the answer you can begin to bring these thought into action.  So, don’t be afraid to stop and ask yourself, “How do I really want to live my life?”.

When you start living the life you want, instead of living the life someone else wants for you, you can live free.

With Love,

Have a Little Faith

Some things don’t require an explanation.  We believe them just because they are and we trust in them just as we trust in our family and friends.  At times we even put our trust in inanimate objects.  But why?  What makes us so sure that things will work out?  What gives us the ability to stop worrying and doubting?  The answer is faith.

When we allow faith to enter our lives, we are able to surround ourselves with peace and harmony.  Having faith doesn’t translate to believing in a higher power.  It means giving power to yourself – and if your power tells you to believe in God, Buddah, Allah, or whatever name you give it, then that’s great.  If not, that’s great too!  What faith really is, is the ability to give yourself the confidence to go that next step-to leave the job you hate or to leave a relationship that’s no longer working.  We all have the ability to create our own reality and rule our lives instead of letting our lives rule us.  But most of us don’t, because we like the stasis.  We either like taking the easy way out, don’t want to focus on ourselves, or both.  The truth is that focusing on you and allowing yourself to be the person you want to be requires strength and at times, a leap of faith.  You’re giving up the known for the unknown and willing to make a sacrifice to better yourself and better your life.

If you are true to yourself,  you will be able to bring courage into your life, and in turn formulate your life’s purpose and direction.  When we believe in ourselves, our purpose in life and our career path will naturally fall into place.  It’s time to stop doubting yourself and start giving yourself a little credit!  When you allow faith to take over, your power will allow you to Live Free.

With Love,



In order to receive, you must learn how to give and in order to give you must be able to receive.  If you give the world a little bit of your love, hopefully you’ll get some love back in return. Or at least a thank you.

Lately, our lives have been so busy and full of complications that we either put up barriers or forget about giving and receiving these small, but very important gifts.  Passing a stranger on the street and saying hello or smiling at them can be taken as a strange and unusual action.  Even something so small as a smile, a wink, or a hey-how-ya-doin’ can make a difference- not only in your life but the other persons.  We’ve become so isolated in our own worlds that we now have a “missed connections” section in the newspaper so that you can try to find or re-connect with someone you missed in passing.  I say, forget about the connections you’ve missed and focus on the ones you’re making!  Next time, instead of missing that connection and not making eye contact with that person give them a smile, say hello or hold the door open for them.  Embrace your gift and contribution to society and it will embrace you.

People have a funny way of surprising you.  They certainly surprise me.  Last week, I was standing online at the Port Authority,  waiting for the bus.  There  were about two minutes before its arrival when I realized I forgot to purchase a ticket.  Running down to the ticket machine would cause me to wait an hour for the next one – naturally I didn’t want to do that.  So I turned to a man I recongize from my commute and asked him if he had some money I could borrow for the ride.  He said he was broke but instead, pulled an extra ticket for me to use.  I was in complete shock!  I couldn’t believe how generous and trusting he was.  I returned his favor yesterday and gave him a ticket to use.  He smiled back at me, with a surprised look on his face.  It was as if for a second he aslo didn’t believe that I had remembered or taken the time out to thank him (a complete stranger) for helping me out the week before.

So, here’s my gift and my connection to you!   Lately, I’ve been taking notice of the gifts I give to others,  ways of improving our connections and interactions with oursleves and with others through meditation, positive thinking, enlightenment, philosophy and spirituality.  The connections we make and the relationship we keep are as important as the air we breathe.  Take some time out of your day to smile, wink, or lend someone an extra ticket for the bus.  If you focus on what you’re giving you’ll be able to get back just as much, if not more in return. 

With Love Rachel